Lomographic Holga Starter Kit
Lomographic Holga Starter Kit
Manufacturer : Lomography
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Product Description
From its humble creation in 1982, the Holga has grown into a globe-spanning cult item, able to capture the most unique photographic treasures that you have ever seen. Pick up the Holga, free yourself from the rules, and shoot your heart out. The famous Medium-format dynamo, now with a built in flash and color-gel filters! Prepare to employ your trusty Holga day or night as the flash opens up new worlds of low-light images with the beloved Holga effects, soft focus, double-exposures, streaming colors, intense vignetting and unpredictable light leaks. A "B" setting keeps the shutter open for as long as you like, and the dandy new tripod thread allows for smooth tripod mounting. This kit comes with a full Holga 4 color poster, a beautiful coffee table book produced by Lomography, "The World Through a Plastic Lens" that features interviews and sample photography from Holga photographers from around the globe!
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #24658 in Camera & Photo
  • Color: black
  • Brand: Lomography
  • Model: 829
  • Dimensions: 3.00" h x 5.00" w x 6.00" l, 1.54 pounds
  • Product Features
  • Plastic 60/8 Optical Lens
  • Built-In Colorflash
  • Variable Shutter Speeds
  • The World through a Plastic Lens softcover book
  • 120 Medium Format Film (Not Included)
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    5worth every penny!
    By derf
    a friend of mine and i were talking about how much we wanted holgas but couldn't find them... so when i saw this on here i immediately bought two kits, one for me and one for her.
    and YES IT COMES WITH THE CAMERA. i just wanted to say that. but the whole package is great! comes with film, batteries, a poster extolling the virtues of lomography, a mini-handbook for the camera itself, incredibly easy to use. and what i think really makes the package is the "HOLGA - life through a plastic lens" book, with Holga enthusiasts, experts and aficionados giving you tips and sharing their images. Such a charming book, breathtaking pictures, and inspiring because it shows you what this cheap little thing is capable of. and they also give you cool little tricks for modifying the camera and different effects you can get and so on. so... yeah.
    Buy it!

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    By Ciaran
    The Holga is an interesting camera - from humble beginnings in 1982 it went from a cheap and simple camera to a cheap and simple camera with somewhat of a trendy status. Now I am not here to argue against the Holga - I have seen some fantastic images created with it on display at gallery events - but in the subjective, very personal world of photography this camera just isn't for me.

    This was never designed to be a long-lasting piece of photographic equipment. The name of the game was cheap, subtitle REALLY cheap. I can appreciate this though - not all cameras need to cost $4,000. Everything on this camera (including the lens) is plastic, and while the haphazard design allows for some crazy light-leaks and easy portability, I didn't get more than 15 rolls through it before it gave up the ghost. (most stars lost here)

    Well, I guess this is the most controversial point, and the one I will cover only briefly. I managed to make some great images with this camera, and the fact that it uses 120mm film can only work in its favor. That aside, if you're not cross-processing, the images are very flat and rather void of color or real contrast (not sunny day contrast, but REAL contrast). That said, I knew what the Holga would produce going in, so I wasn't overly disappointed. The colored flash was kind of fun for the first few shots, but quickly sat unused.

    Listen, this is just my opinion, but if you really are just wanting to shoot film with a low-fi look, I would highly suggest picking up an old rangefinder at the next garage sale you go to. My Holga broke after about 15 rolls, and yet my 56 year old Yashica Rangefinder is still going strong with not a darn thing wrong with it. It also gives me some crazy flare and the odd light leak. You can get colored gels for a regular flash if you really think that it's worth it. Really though I can't hate this camera too much - as long as people are still shooting film the industry will continue to keep its chin up, and that is something.

    If you want a holga, just for the sake of wanting to try/use/own one, then this is a good starter kit.

    3 of 3 people found the following review helpful.
    By Janie Notoque
    Very fun to point and "expose" with, because of the unexpected exposure effects made possible with the plastic lens and the manual features (e.g. can create a vignette look). One major downside to the plastic (cheap-looking) camera is that the sidebars holding the back cover get loose and slide easily (one remedy that can hold them in place involve some tape and velcro...). The flash filters are handy in creating some mad effect on contrast and color schemes. The electric tape can be used to prevent light leaks. The book features some techniques and a lot of pictures. If you're looking for something that will give you "certainty" in knowing exactly how your pictures will turn out, try a digital camera. If you're looking for something that give you greater control for depth of field and shutter speed, try a traditional, manual SLR. If you like experimenting with alternative exposure techniques (e.g. masking and multiple exposures) as well as camera modifications, and are open to being surprised by what the camera captures, try this one.

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