HSU Professional Selfie Stick With Phone Clip Holder,Tripod Stand, Waterproof Handheld Monopod for GeekPro/Gopro Hero Black/Session ,Digital Cameras and Cell Phone | Extendable At 44''
HSU Professional Selfie Stick With Phone Clip Holder,Tripod Stand, Waterproof Handheld Monopod for GeekPro/Gopro Hero Black/Session ,Digital Cameras and Cell Phone | Extendable At 44''
Manufacturer : HSU
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Product Description
A Selfie Stick Monopod with metal tripod that differ with others 1,Brief Introduction It has distinct features like large range lengthadjustment, from 15.6"-44". Moreover, the exquisite handlebar of the selfie stick gives you a perfect holdingfeeling due to its silicon material.Apart from the phone holder, it includes an adjustablemetal tripod adapter and a wrist strap as well as a nice pouch bag. 2,Unique advantages This Selfie Stick Monopod is made from durable aluminumalloy. The CNC aluminum alloy thumb screw,makes the pole stable enough to withstand your GoPro Hero5 and other action cameras.Using this selfie pole will reduce camera shaking, whichis helpful when recording videos. Your videos will appear to be more professional and much more fun towatch.The selfie stick setup and it's handling is super easy.In less than 10 seconds you will be able to connect your gadget with your phone or your camera. You can shorten your selfie stick in length, thus it is easy to carry and stow away. Once you get over that strange feeling that you sometimes get, when using a selfie stick, you will realize that it is indeed great fun to use the HSU Selfie Stickfor shooting pictures and recording videos.The HSU Selfie Stick Monopod is waterproof so that youcan enjoy your adventures while surfing, diving, snowboarding, skiing,skateboarding,or just traveling. All the additional possibilities that you get are reallyrewarding. You won't only be able to take pictures faster and more easily; your photographs will increase inquality and versatility as well. 3,Kindly Notice: ▲Do not unscrewed the lock too much when you adjust the selfies stick,or the stick will separate apart,plastic chips in the lock will fall inside the stick. ▲Bluetooth Controller isn't included This Is A Risk-Free Purchase! Add To Cart Today Now!
Product Details
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: HSU
  • Model: HGP5320
  • Dimensions: 2.10" h x 4.30" w x 16.30" l, .88 pounds
  • Product Features
  • DISTINCT FEARURES- Large range length adjustment from 15.6"-44".Comfortable touching surface with the silicon grip. Compatible with GoPro Hero 5, Hero5 Session, Hero 4 3+ 3 2 1 AKASO EK5000 EK7000 SJCAM SJ4000 etc. Xiaomi Yi GeekPro.
  • WATERPROOF-It is designed with waterproof structure,wide range using for your outdoor exploring like surfing, diving, snowboarding, skiing, skateboarding, traveling.Please rinse it with fresh water and dry after every use in salt water.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL-Include phone holder, tripod mount adapter,metal tripod,adjustable wrist strap,remote control clip, pouch bag.All this useful GoPro accessories inside make a maximal application.(Note:Bluetooth Controller isn't included)
  • EXCELLENT QUALITY-Durable aluminum alloy body material and CNC aluminum alloy thumb screw,make the pole to be very exquisite and stable enough to withstand your GoPro Hero 5 and other action camera.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY-30 Days Money Back Guarantee / Full one year Worry-Free Warranty and enjoy HSU superior customer service.Feel free to contact us if you have any question.
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    4 of 4 people found the following review helpful.
    5There are so many ways to use this selfie stick and am very satisfied with the quality of this product!
    By K.Ray
    This is the best thing EVER!!! It is a really great price for what all you get in the package!!! It comes with a cell phone holder, a universal gopro adapter, a remote holder clip, a metal screw on tripod with carry bag and clip, a lanyard for the selfie stick, a gopro mount on an aluminum expandable selfie stick with velour carry bag. This stick can expand up to 45" from top to bottom. It has three expandable areas that you can customize the size of the selfie stick. It is light and very durable. I know that it says it is exclusively for gopro, but I have off brand gopro like cameras and also a sony and they work perfectly on this stick along with my cell phone! There is also a paper that they include to show you all the ways how to use this and the box is nice to keep to store this in when not in use. (That wont be much as I plan to use this quite often!) I believe this also would be great to use with a point and shoot camera if you like to get those great friend photos with no one around to take the photo for you. There are so many ways to use this selfie stick and am very satisfied with the quality of this product!

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    4My New Selie Stick
    By Nicole Adams
    I really love taking pictures of family friends, myself, and lots of different things!! I'm really a picture person! Memories mean so much too me and so do pictures!! I love looking back thru pictures and sharing memories with my loved ones!! You never know when someone could pass away and you won't have that chance to take pictures when their gone! I say take all the pictures and videos that you possibly can!!

    It's really hard to be in pictures with your family or loved ones or to take full body pictures without someone else holding your phone or camera for you, then their left out of the picture!! So, I was like I know what will solve this problem. I will get Me a Cell Phone Selfie Stick! So, I came across this really awesome Black HSU Cell Phone Telescopic Selfie Stick Pole! This really cool selfie stick has some really awesome great features! The HSU Selfie Stick comes in a compacted box that keeps the Selfie Stick completely protected and it's really great for storing away when your not using it! Theirs compartments for every piece in the box to put each piece back into when putting it away!! Also, this selfie stick is extendable and will lock into place. This stick has a really advanced Aviation aluminum alloy pole that is extraordinary and high quality!! Which is very important to me, this is not the cheap stuff that will just fall apart!! The grip part of the stick is made out of high quality silicone. This selfie stick kit has a really special design and allows you to adjust the length of the stick to take awesome great quality pictures by either a cellphone or a camera!! This selfie stick is extremely durable and will not wobble when your taking pictures! Your pictures will turn out so much clearer and help you to maintain awesome perfect video's as well!!

    This kit also included a tripod stand that you can use to take pictures or videos without holding the stick at all!! However, if your wanting to take pictures hands free and be in the pictures you may need to buy some kind of remote because the remote is not included in with the Selfie Stick!! I really wish that it was because I'm gonna have to buy a remote for my new selfie stick also!!
    This awesome GoPro HSU Selfie Stick is for IPhones, Samsung, or camera's and includes a phone clip holder, adjustable monopod pole with tripod, smart phone holder, tripod mount adapter, mini metal tripod, adjustable wrist straps, carabiner loop, wifi remote clip case, and really nice porch bags to store them away!! The Alluminium Alloy Dtick is completely waterproof and is made out of waterproof material, so if ya wanna take it too the pool with you and take all kinds of pictures that's perfectly fine, just don't get your phone wet Lol.

    I was hesitant at first when I bought this Selfie Stick kit but when I got it and seen it and got to try this out doing one of the things I love to do taking pictures I was completely blown away!! All of the pieces are really great perfect quality, it's definitely not the cheap stuff!!

    I really highly recommend this really awesome Selfie Stick kit that includes so much accessories with it!! You will definitely be blown away as well!! I am highly satisfied with my new HSU GoPro Selfie Stick!! I would definitely order from this company again!! I love the awesome great quality and everything!!

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    5first time to try triangle ,trying to be professional tho
    By Arcadia Rivera
    I bought this great selfie stick pack last few week. I did read all the view and watched all the videos before I bought it. The product doesn't disappoint me at all. Especially its my first time to try the triangle part, but interesting. Well it's not at the expensive one or as professional, but for me, the function is already enough for daily use or trip. During this period of time, I'm trying out new posture and better control method of my go pro. The selfie stick is very strong and flexible to extend ,as long as my arm, even longer, On the other hand , you can connect the long part and the triangle part all together as the picture shows, maybe for a remoter voice control with go pro. However it takes a little bit longer time for me to go through the connection part, as well as you need to tell if you go pro works with your voice control, on the basis of moving further away. Especially for video shooting. Very fun

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