Wireless Endoscope, Depstech WiFi Borescope Inspection Camera 2.0 Megapixels HD Snake Camera for Android and IOS Smartphone, iPhone, Samsung, Tablet - Black(11.5FT)
Wireless Endoscope, Depstech WiFi Borescope Inspection Camera 2.0 Megapixels HD Snake Camera for Android and IOS Smartphone, iPhone, Samsung, Tablet - Black(11.5FT)
Manufacturer : Depstech
Amazon Price : $38.49
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Product Description

Depstech Wireless WIFI Endoscope Camera For Android and IOS Smartphone.
This newest type Depstech wifi endoscope has surpassed the traditional endoscope's using limitation for iPhone user. It can work perfectly with Android 2.3+ and IOS 6.0+ smartphone. Will be a best inspection tool for iPhone user.

Built-in wifi signal, this borescope can be quickly connected with your smartphone via wifi. Easy to set up and use after installed the compatible APP.
Featuring super Hi-Vision 2MP HD camera allows you to capture image or record video at a close range. Photos and videos can be stored directly into you device so you can share it with your friends at any where you wish.
Semi-rigid cable which can bend and hold it's shape to access a wide variety of confined place to meet with different using needs.
Built-in lithium battery with working time up to 1 hour, and can be easily recharged by Android Phone or PC/Power Bank within DC 5V,2A.
Perfect tool for HVAC inspection, vent pipe, machine equipment, engine, automotive, boat, parts assembly,construction sites, Wind Turbines, aircraft inspection.

Resolution: 1280x720, 640x480, 320x240
Camera Diameter: 8.5mm 
Waterproof: IP67
WIFI Transmission Distance:10Meters(Without any obstacles)
Battery Capacity: 450mAh
Focal Distance: 3cm-8cm
Power Supply: DC 5V 

Important Notes:
-This WiFi borescope can only support Android 2.3+ and IOS 6.0+. For IOS 8.0 lower system can not record videos.
-This camera needs to be connected with your phone via wifi in your phone network settings, instead of the app.

Package Lists:
1 x Depstech Wifi Endoscope
1 x Micro USB to Micro USB Cable
1 x USB to Micro USB Cable
1 x Accessories - Mirror, Hook,Magnet
1 x User Manual

At Depstech, every product enjoys a 1 Year Limited Free Warranty.
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #34 in BISS
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Depstech
  • Product Features
  • The Newest Type Endoscope: Unlike other endoscope camera on the marketplace, this wireless wifi endoscope camera not only work with Android smartphone(Above Android 2.3), but also iPhone IOS system(Above IOS 6.0). This is perfect for iPhone user who want do inspection work. Without using extra adapter or cable, it can be easily connected with your smartphone via WIFI. The only thing you need to do is to download and install the compatible APP "WIFI VIEW"on your device.
  • Unique Blue LED technology,6 adjustable blue LED light on camera tip, it greatly helps to improve image brightness and clarity even in dark or low-light condition. Moreover, 2 Megapixels HD camera offers you a wonderful experience of recording a clear close range HD video in AVI format and snapshot image in JPG format with three adjustable resolutions 320x240, 640x480, 1280 x 720.
  • Featuring 11.5FT cable, waterproof and 8.5mm diameter camera, this endoscope can suitable for various types of environment, for example, low-light or dark area, damp or wet area etc. Furthermore, armed with bendable semi-rigid cable which can bend and hold it's shape to access a wide variety of confined place.
  • Premium Camera Chip: Adopting the second generation chip at 30fps, which is best for acquiring the smoothest video and image, and this is a great advantage over the other products at 10fps on the marketplace.
  • Design Patent: For this WiFi version endoscope, we have applied the certificate of Design Patent.
  • Customer Reviews

    Most helpful customer reviews

    75 of 77 people found the following review helpful.
    5This is a must have product for progressive ammo reloaders. I love this lil camera
    By Kevin Martorana
    I bought this inspection camera for my Dillon XL650 bullet press to be able to inspect brass bullet cartridges while reloading them. It does a fantastic job in my humble opinion it really enhances my ability to resolve issues with primers that did not get ejected or brass that has issues.

    143 of 152 people found the following review helpful.
    4Works great for the price!
    By romdos
    [[VIDEOID:dd1bf2b5d392b3e682d919aeeaa97355]] I bought this camera to help me replace a transmission cooler line. I had very little visibility up on the side of the transmission, and very little room to work with my hands. I was able to snake this thing up there and see everything that I was doing with my hand, and also lay under the car in a comfortable position while I watched what I was doing on my phone. I got this instead of an inspection camera because with those things you're paying mostly for the video screen they come with. Why do that? Most of us are carrying around super high quality video monitors in our pockets, so I decided to give this device a try. Also those more expensive units have the cable connected to the screen which is usually mounted to some kind of handle. For the job I was doing that wouldn't really work without someone else holding the screen for me. I have a magnet attached to the back of my phone and it just stuck right up to the pan on the bottom of the transmission.

    As far as general quality and durability, it gives a very decent quality image on the phone. As to durability, I have only had it a week or so and it's holding up so far, although I can envision some problems over time with repeated flexing of the cable. About the cable: It's about ten feet long which is plenty long enough for what I was doing. The WiFi box is just cheap plastic so it definitely would not stand up to much rough treatment which it could get because it is connected at the other end of the cable, so if you rotate the cable all the way around - there's the box - ten feet away - flipping and flopping on the floor.

    The cable is flexible, but fairly rigid. You can hold it about 2-3 feet back from the tip and it won't bend down under its own weight. When you flex it, it stays in position which is extremely helpful. The view you get with it is just like with your phone camera, meaning if you rotate the scope clockwise, the image will also turn which can be disorienting. I got the camera in the right orientation and then bent a "W" shape in the cable a few feet back from the end of the scope. This allowed me to easily rotate my image on the screen so "up" always stayed up. It's hard to rotate the cable without putting a bend in it because it's only about 3/8" diameter so it's hard to hold it in your fingers and rotate it.

    One thing I didn't understand at first was the box at the end of the cable is a WiFi source. This makes it compatible with ANY phone or tablet. You have to go into the settings on the phone and search for available WiFi networks and then select the box. (It will be easy to find because it's all in Chinese) You also have to download the app which is easy because there's a QR code in the documentation which comes with it. Once you've connected to the WiFi, open the app and the camera should be connected. I noticed a lag where the video was really choppy and jerky. This only happened for a couple of minutes when I first connected and never occurred again in each session. You will definitely want to connect the WiFi box to a power source. It doesn't last very long on its own power. I must say I'm a little nervous about installing an app from China, but none of my credit cards have been hacked....yet :)

    The app allows you to select the resolution, supposedly. I clicked through everything from 640x480 on up, and couldn't tell one bit of difference on my iPhone 6s Plus. I just left it at 640x480. I took some still photos and they were very good. I also took several videos and they were terrible when I played them back on my phone. Once again the video was very choppy. After I transferred the files to my phone, the video content looked great. So if you want to capture video with this, at least from my experience, you will have to move the files to a computer to watch them without wanting to throw up. I'm posting some images and video. (don't hate on my musical taste, lol!)

    The app allows you to show a mirror image of what you are scoping and you can get rid of the icons on the screen so they don't interfere with what you are trying to look at with the camera. It focused pretty well from a couple of feet away down to an inch or two, which I was very pleased with. It came with a little angled mirror attachment, a magnet, and a hook. I haven't used those yet, but they could be very useful.

    The longer I have this the more I am thinking about things I can do with it. Overall I'm very happy with the camera.

    Pros: Price, image quality for live video, stills and captured video, long cable length, WiFi connectivity
    Cons: Cheap WiFi box, barebones app, resolution not really changeable

    60 of 64 people found the following review helpful.
    5Great sleek endoscope does the job
    By CPAmaz00
    I bought this since I started to see a leak behind my kitchen cabinets, I didnt know where ut was coming from.....I decided to make a tiny hole in the cabinet wall, I used this product and was shock at what I found...apparently my kitchen cabinet was lying behind a pipe. this pipe was connected to my bathroom, that pipe had a screw in it when previous owners installed a cabinet in bathroom, and drilled right into the pipe which caused the leak. This product is such a lifesaver...I would have wasted money and asked a plumber what happened.. this endoscope is high quality, easy to use..jist download and install app. With a flexible adjustable light cord its sure to do the job..I love it and you will too

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